Jonathan T’s P90X Story

This is a personal story shared with me by one of my readers. I think it is a good representation of what you can expect from P90X. I hope Jonathan’s success will give you the motivation to go out and create your own success story. Enjoy…

I originally started P90X because after losing my job and changing careers I had quite a bit more time on my hands. I had heard it was an intense but successful program and some friends of my wife gave us the program as a gift. I was also eating terrible food and was in much need of a change of diet.

The Sunday before the first week we sat down and spent half the day planning out our meals. We bought everything to make at home and adhered to the diet plan verbatum. We measured everything out and only ate foods on the diet plan. We didn’t eat any snack food and didn’t eat even an ounce over the specified portions. We both felt 100% better within a day.

It was inevitable that over the course of the 90 days someone would invite us out for dinner or there would be a birthday party to attend. So instead of completely losing track we would enjoy ourselves, but eat in moderation and even then still try to eat proper foods and portions. If we were simply unable to eat good food then usually the change in one meal or being off diet for one day wouldn’t set us back and if anything it helped trick our systems or clean us out a little.

A typical day for us would be an omlet, two strips of turkey bacon, and a cup of grapes for breakfast. A mid morning snack (allowed in the program). A salad for lunch with lettuce, tomatoe, green peppers, 6 ounces of sliced turkey breast, and a squirt of non-fat dressing. A protein bar mid afternoon. A protein shake following the workout at 6pm made with 12oz. of skim milk then dinner after cooling down. Dinner would be a meat of our choosing ie. 6 oz of lean beef, grilled chicken, a filet, a boca burger, pork loin etc. and a vegetable. We began having our carbs with dinner but soon switched it to lunch for the extra energy in our workout. I normally save my other half a dairy serving for the evening so I can have 4oz of yogart an hour before bed.

The first Monday, June 21,2010, I weighed in at 199lbs. My goal wasn’t weight loss it was to get a nice six pack like I had in high school. We popped in the first DVD and it kicked our @$$! Everyday that week, day after day, it wore us out. We could not even come close to finishing the workouts. We did all we could do, took a break, and tried a little more. The first two weeks were the hardest. After that it stayed hard but was manageable. The only reason this worked for me is because the diet was simple and I didn’t have to plan my own workout. I could just put the DVD in and do what Tony was doing. If I would have had to put in anymore effort than that you wouldn’t be reading this right now. I also had to remain focused on each day individually. I never looked at what exercise was next or watched a video ahead of time. At the moment it was time to workout I looked at the book, put in the DVD and did what I saw. I have finished P90X and I still can’t complete every workout. I have to modify routinely but I still do what I can. It’s better than getting discouraged and doing nothing.

I weighed in the morning of the 90th day September 26, 2010 and weighed 168 lbs. I had lost 31 lbs. None of my pants fit anymore because I’ve gone from a 38 inch waist to a 34 inch waist. I never tracked my body fat percentage but I’d imaging that the change is substantial. I still have a little gut so I’ll keep working out to get my six pack, but I feel way better. I still struggle everyday with the workouts, and if you’ve done the math you’ve realized that I missed a week. Because of a scheduling conflict I missed week twelve and had to redo it. I stuck with the program because I set my mind to wanting to know that I could complete the program and see what the results would be…. no matter what. I did not have a number in mind when I started and had NO EXPECTATIONS. I only wanted to start and finish the program. I recommend setting goals, but the goal that worked for me was “Finishing”.

I started P90X over again yesterday. We’ll see where it takes me in the next 90 days. My wife and I had a gym membership for years and dropped it after we saw we could stick with the program. We’ve used the savings to buy less than $100 in workout equipment. There are a few more weights we need but that’ll come with time. We buy a lot less food at the store. We spend a lot less when we do shop and are able to buy better tasting food because of that. Above all else we save TONS OF $$ since we eat at home 90% of the month. We enjoy eating out but It’s hard to eat healthy when we do.

Thanks for sharing my story Ab Man. I hope it helps others stay on track and live healthier life styles.

Jonathan T

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss – One Is Your Friend And One Is Your Enemy

As I write various articles about weight loss, a little red flag pops up in the back of my mind whenever I use the words “weight loss.” Most of the time, I try to catch myself and change my wording to use “fat loss” instead. So what’s the big deal? Why am I getting caught up on semantics?

First of all, fat loss is more descriptive of what most people really want and need. We’ve all heard the “lose weight” message our whole lives; but when it comes down to it, fat is what we really need to lose and nothing else.

Secondly, when you concentrate on “weight loss” instead of “fat loss” then you tend to do stupid things. There are lots of products, programs, and diets out there that will help you lose weight. Unfortunately, many of them are unhealthy and unsustainable because they cause you to lose weight instead of fat.

What Is Weight Loss?

When you step on the scale, you see one simple number like 125, 163, 205, or 350. Since a bathroom scale is the easiest and most common way of judging your progress toward your health or fitness goals, you see this simple number and all you think about is making it smaller.

However, weight is not a simple number. Rather, it is a complex number determined by several factors like bone density, water retention, muscle mass, fat stores, position on earth, time of day, amount of food and liquid in your stomach, bathroom schedule, etc. If you decrease any of the factors that make up your weight, you will lose weight. This is why I don’t like the term weight loss. It encourages people to mess with some of the weight factors that should not be messed with. Worse than that, it encourages products and programs that mess with weight factors that should not be messed with.

What is Fat Loss?

Fat loss is much easier to define than weight loss. It is nothing more than burning up the excess fat on your body. This excess fat is the part of your total body weight that is responsible for poor health, poor body image, and poor physical fitness. Get rid of your excess body fat and you will be better off on multiple levels.

Do It The Right Way!

So, what is the right way to lose body fat? There are several things that can contribute to an effort to lose excess fat, but it is my experience that the single most effective thing you can do is build muscle. Muscle and fat are like light and darkness. When you turn on the lights in a dark room, the light fills the room and the darkness flees as a natural consequence. The process of building and maintaining muscle is very much like turning on the lights in a dark room. As a natural consequence of building lean muscle mass, excess fat begins to melt away and stay away.

I feel like a broken record for saying this, but the build-muscle-to-burn-fat principle is perfect for the ladies too. Don’t be afraid to build muscle. You’re not going to look like a body builder ┬ájust because you start lifting weights. Most men struggle to build large muscles and we have testosterone on our side. A woman’s body isn’t designed to naturally build large muscles, but it is designed to build sexy, feminine musculature that will turn the body in to a fat burning machine.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to learn to love resistance training. If you are new to it, or just getting back into it, your body will need a little time to adjust. However, once you get used to it, there isn’t much better than the feeling that comes after a good workout.

So, forget about the diet pills, colon cleansing, celebrity diets and other nonsense that claims it will help you lose weight. It’s your excess body fat that you want to lose and it’s muscle that will help you do it. My two favorite muscle-building-for-fat-loss programs are No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonte and The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary. They are both great programs and I whole heartily recommend both of them. Check them out and get started losing fat the right way.

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