Believe It Or Not, These 2 “Health” Foods Will Make You Fat

Orange JuiceThe 2 fattening foods that I will discuss in this article will probably surprise you. Most people falsely think these 2 foods are good for you. These foods are even marketed as “healthy” in many cases. As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, it usually shocks my clients when I tell them they should think about removing these foods from their diet.

These days, everyone knows that trans fats and high fructose corn syrup are bad for you, so I decided I’d save you from yet another article on those. Instead, read on to find out which two foods may surprise you that they may be storing fat rather than burning it.

Wheat products is the first food type that is often mistakenly promoted as a healthy food choice. Included in this category are cereals, most breads, muffins, pasta, bagels, crackers, etc. “Whole wheat” is also included in this category.

The first reason this category is bad for you is that a large portion of the population has some level of intolerance to the gluten in wheat and other grains. It’s the worst for celiacs, but what you may not realize is that, for most of us, we were never meant to eat large amounts of wheat. Our digestive systems have never adapted to having excessive amounts of wheat in our diet.

The human diet has only been exposed to wheat over the last couple thousand years, and it’s only been the last 80-100 years that it has progressed to such HUGE quantities. Compared to the hunter-gather diet (nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and meats) that humans traditionally consumed for several hundred thousand years, this is a relatively small time frame for adaptation to occur.

With my clients, those that follow my advice to eliminate wheat from their diet for a period of 2-3 weeks as a test to see if they lose weight and begin feel better, they almost always experience a HUGE difference. Often, not only do they begin losing body fat much quicker, but many of them also finally get rid of headaches and indigestion that they have suffered from for years. I’ve even had some cases where removing wheat from the diet has coincided with the elimination of skin problems.

Fruit juice is the 2nd of the worst fattening foods that surprises many people because it is thought to be a “healthy” choice.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I’m not strictly speaking an anti-carb guy. As a matter of fact, I believe most fruits are VERY good for us. That being said, we were NOT intended to remove the juice from the rest of the fruit and consume just the high calorie sugary mixture while leaving behind the fiber and other useful components of the fruit.

Just drinking the juice of fruits (in western diets, apple juice and orange juice are the 2 biggest culprits) prevents you from getting the appetite appeasing benefit of the fiber in the fruit, which leaves you craving more carbohydrates. Additionally, the fiber in whole fruit contributes to slowing the blood sugar response when eating whole fruit as opposed to only the fruit juice.

The bottom line is this, consuming too much fruit juices makes you fat. Eating whole fruits gives you the fiber that will help you maintain a balanced diet and high nutrient density (assuming the rest of your diet is made up of whole unprocessed foods).

If you want the REAL truth on eating strategically for permanent fat loss, read these 5 tips for Losing Body Fat the smart and effective way.

Enjoy, and good luck with your nutrition endeavors!

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