Will Beachbody Really Give You A Beach Body?

You may have never heard of the company called Beachbody, but you have probably heard of some of their in-home workout products. They do a lot of television marketing with some infomercial style programs that give you a good look at the programs they offer. There has been a lot of buzz lately about some of their products, so you may be wondering if they are any good. The short answer is yes. If you are looking to lose weight or get a six pack at home, then a Beachbody program may be just what you are looking for.

Since we all have different lifestyles, bodies and needs, Beachbody has several different programs that target different audiences. You can read a brief description of each one below and see which one is best for you. Click on the product logos for more details.

Program Trainer Workout Benefits How It Works
Tony Horton 45-60 Minutes Advanced total-body training program focused on abs, legs, chest, back, and arms. Twelve routines that keep introducing new moves and challenging your muscles to get you absolutely ripped in 90 days.
Slim In 6
Slim In 6
Debbie Siebers 25–50 minutes Full-body slimming and toning focused on abs, thighs, buns, and hips. Combines cardio with light resistance moves to burn fat and reshape your body in 6 weeks.
10 Minute Trainer
10 Minute Trainer
Tony Horton 10 minutes Full-body workout in only 10 minutes a day. Combines fat-burning cardio, total-body sculpting, and ab moves all at the same time for maximum efficiency!
Shaun T 30–60 minutes Transform your body in 60 days with the most intense workout program ever put on DVD. MAX Interval Training—you perform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercise with short periods of rest.
Turbo Jam
Turbo Jam Maximum Results
Chalene Johnson 20–45 minutes Calorie burning and total-body sculpting focused on abs and thighs. Kickboxing and body sculpting to the hottest tunes to burn more calories than almost any other exercise.
Hip Hop Abs
Hip Hop Abs
Shaun T 25–45 minutes Calorie-burning cardio and total-body sculpting focused on abs and core. Fun hip hop dance moves set to hot music to burn fat and sculpt lean sexy abs.
Rockin Body
Rockin’ Body
Shaun T 15–45 minutes Calorie-burning cardio and full-body sculpting moves. Party off the pounds as you dance and sweat to the hottest hits of all time.
ChaLEAN Extreme
ChaLEAN Extreme
Chalene Johnson 30–45 minutes Advanced circuit training program develops lean, sexy muscle to help you burn up to 60% of your body fat for overall body transformation. The proven 3-phase circuit training technique is guaranteed to give you results every 30 days—the more muscle you build, the more fat your burn because Muscle Burns Fat®!

I haven’t tried all of these programs, but what I have tried (and what I’ve seen of the others) has been excellent. Beachbody produces very high quality products. Their trainers are great and all you have to do is pop in a DVD and you’ll have the perfect at home workout.

If you are the type of person that wants to get in shape but you don’t have time to get to the gym, a Beachbody program would be perfect for you. Take a minute to check out the programs above and get the one that best fits your lifestyle and goals. You’ll be glad you did. Just click on one of the program logos above and you will be taken to the product page where you can get all the details on that program.

Ready to take your six pack and fat loss goals to the next level? Don’t waste your time and money on programs and products that don’t work. Before you buy anything, make sure you check out my reviews so you can make an informed decision.

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Disclosure: Even though I earn commissions on products and services mentioned in my blog posts, I always give my honest opinion about those products and services.

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