Are You Obsessed With Counting Calories?

So many people are obsessed with counting calories, and I understand why that is. If you are trying to lose weight and get a six pack, you may think you have to be obsessed. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not really necessary. It’s fine to pay attention to your calorie intake, but don’t obsess over it. Calories are not evil. You need calories to survive and to build muscle.

If you are really intent on losing stomach fat and getting great abs, you need to be more concerned with what you eat and how you exercise instead of just worrying about how many calories you consume. A great guide that will teach you both of these things is The Truth About Six Pack Abs. I recommend you check it out.

Personally, I never pay any attention to how many calories I eat. This doesn’t mean I pig out on junk food, I just don’t count calories. I can do this because I have enough muscle mass to burn off the calories I consume. This is something you need to consider. Did you know that you burn between 35 and 50 calories a day for every pound of muscle in your body. That’s without doing any extra work. You burn those calories just by being alive and having that muscle. Think about it. If you gained just 10 pounds of muscle, that’s 500 extra calories a day that your body will burn off. Now compare that to how many hours you would have to spend on the treadmill to burn off those same 500 calories, and you would have to do it every day. The extra muscle wins hands down.

If you are a female, you may think that gaining 10 pounds of muscle is a terrible idea when what you are trying to do is lose weight. The last thing you want to do is add another 10 pounds. What you need to understand is weight is a meaningless number by itself. Many things play a factor in determining body weight. What you really need to pay attention to is body fat vs muscle mass. Muscle is much denser than fat and therefore weights more than fat. Gaining 10 pounds of muscle is not going to look the same on your body as gaining 10 pounds of fat. When you consider the benefits of gaining the extra muscle, it makes sense. It’s going to help that unwanted fat melt away and once the fat is gone, that extra muscle tone is going to help you look extra sexy. Trust me on this one.

And one more thing, I’ve held this opinion on calories forever, but I got the inspiration to write this post from a post that I stumbled upon at It’s a great resource for women if you want to check it out. I don’t know much about it, but from the little time I spent on the site it looks like they have some good resources available.

If you have anything to share about counting calories or building muscle to burn calories, please leave a comment.

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