The Best Appetite Suppressant May Be Knowing What Makes You Hungry

Learning to curb your appetite is a difficult task. Eating is not only necessary, but can be quite enjoyable too. However, this is something that you are going to have to master if you want great six pack abs. The real key to a flat stomach is losing belly fat and you can’t do that very easily if you overeat.

Learning how to control your hunger is ultimately about self control, but knowing what makes you feel hungry can give you a little extra edge when your tummy starts growling and your mouth starts watering. Feeling hungry isn’t necessarily the same as being hungry. Your body tells you when it is time to eat through the sensation of hunger. Unfortunately, however, the physiological need for food isn’t the only thing that can trigger the sensation of hunger. If you can learn to only eat when your body needs to eat, you’ll be well on your way to getting the body you want. posted an article that highlights seven things that can make you feel like eating even if your body doesn’t need any more food. Being aware of what is causing your hunger can help you find that little bit of extra self control you’ll need in order to suppress your appetite long enough for the feeling to pass.

Appetite Suppressant: Know What’s Making You Hungry

  1. Time Of Day – As much as you may think you are a spontaneous free spirit, humans are creatures of habit. Our bodies love routines and schedules. If you eat dinner at 6 PM everyday, you are going to feel hungry at 6 PM. If you eat dinner early one night, don’t let your body trick you into thinking it’s dinner time again when 6 o’clock rolls around.
  2. Sight – When you see foods that you like, your brain goes nuts and you feel like you have to have it. Your mouth may be watering, but that doesn’t always mean your body is telling you that it needs more nutrients. Ask yourself, “If it were the vegetable cart instead of the dessert cart rolling by, would I still feel hungry?”
  3. Variety – Have you ever felt really full but still craved something sweet? If you didn’t have much variety in your meal, your stomach may be full but your body may not have gotten the nutrients that it needs. Be careful of this one. Cravings are one way that our bodies signal us that we are deficient in a certain type of food. If you’ve already filled yourself up with foods that your body didn’t need, you will end up overeating in an attempt to satisfy your cravings. Make sure your meals are well balanced.
  4. Smell – It can be especially difficult to overcome the temptation to overindulge when you smell something that you know would taste really good. Unfortunately, some of the best and strongest smelling foods are the same foods that aren’t good for our bodies. If you find that your will power is especially susceptible to smells, try breathing through your mouth until the smell is gone.
  5. Alcohol – Your hunger won’t necessarily increase when you drink, but your ability to make sound judgements will decrease the more you drink. If you are trying to stick to a diet, alcohol isn’t going to improve your will power.
  6. Temperature – The colder it is, the more you eat. Pay attention to the room temperature next time you are at a restaurant. Chances are it will be colder than you would keep the temperature in your house. Try wearing a sweater or a jacket when you eat out to counter act the restaurant’s attempts to get you to eat more food than you need.
  7. Refined Carbs – Your blood sugar drops when you eat a lot of refined carbs. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hungry again soon after filling up on refined carbs. As I mentioned earlier, well balanced meals are the best way to go.

Knowing what is making you hungry can be the best way to control your appetite. If you are eating for some reason other than your body’s actual need for nutrients, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. If your body doesn’t need it, chances are it’s going to store it as fat. Learn to listen to your body and learn the difference between real hunger and the temporary hunger caused by external influences.

Do you have any tips on how to control your appetite? Leave a comment and let us know.

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