Is It Possible To Be Skinny And Fat At The Same Time?

Get off the scale and stop weighing yourself every five minutes. Weight is essentially a meaningless number. It means very little when considered on its own and even less if you are comparing yours to someone else’s. Weight is influenced by many things that are out of our control like height, bone density, breast size, water retention, and the size of your noggin to name a few. According to one dictionary, weight is

the force exerted on the mass of a body by a gravitational field

Do you really care about the amount of force exerted on the mass of your body by the earth’s gravitational field? I’m going to guess you don’t. What you are really concerned with is the percentage of your body that is composed of fat verses the percentage of your body that is composed of muscle. Having a body weight goal is okay as long as you pair it with a body fat percentage goal. Without both sides of the goal, you may find that you have successfully arrived at your body weight goal only to find out that you are now simply a smaller version of your old fat self. That’s not what you want. Instead, make sure all your hard work pays off with a new you that looks, feels, and is healthier than when you set your weight loss and six pack abs goals.

I read a perfect example of this in an article in The Wall Street Journal called The Scales Can Lie: Hidden Fat. It is about a Mayo Clinic study which found that many people with a “normal” or “healthy” Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight are suffering from a condition that they termed “normal weight obesity.” This term refers to people who look skinny, and have a BMI and weight that are within normal parameters, but have too much body fat. If you are at a reasonable body weight, but your belly and arms feel squishy when you poke them, you may be one of these people.

So, what should you do about it? As I said earlier, stop worrying about your body weight and start paying attention to your body fat and muscle mass. You need to engage in diet and exercise that will help you build muscle and get rid of your unwanted body fat. If after reading that last sentence your first thoughts were of crash diets and treadmills, I want you to slap yourself. No, harder than that. We have to get those thoughts out of your head to make room for the things that will actually help you. If those methods worked, we wouldn’t have such a huge obesity problem on our hands. You need to start thinking in terms of full-body strength training exercises and well balanced meals consisting mostly of natural unprocessed foods.

Whenever I recommend strength training and building muscle to loss body fat, I feel like I am going to scare off all the women. I find that many women tend to be afraid of building muscle because they think it will make them bulky or it will make them gain weight. Gaining weight is the last thing they want to do so why would they want to build muscle? Well, like I said, weight is a meaningless number by itself. If your body fat percentage is way down and you look great, why should you care what you weigh? We don’t wear our weights on our chests like a scarlet letter. If you look and feel good, nobody is going to know or care how much you weigh.

Let me give you an example from The Wall Street Journal article. They interviewed a 34-year-old woman who weighed 170 pounds at just over 30% body fat when she started dieting and doing some aerobic exercises. She was able to lose 45 pounds which brought her down to a weight of 125 pounds. This is a great improvement, but she was still at 25% body fat. She wanted to look even better, so she added strength training to her routine. Over the next 18 months she gained 20 pounds taking her back to 145 pounds. Oh no! What happened? Strength training made her fatter! No, it made her weigh more. There is a big difference. In gaining that extra 20 pounds, she was able to get her body fat percentage down to 14! Now imagine what you would look like at 14% body fat. As women are recommended to have higher body fat percentages than men, 14% is phenomenal for a woman. Do you think she got upset at gaining 20 pounds when it allowed her to drop 11 percentage points in body fat? Not a chance and neither should you.

I hope you can see the merits of focusing on body fat instead of body weight. It’s time to start educating yourself about how to eat properly and exercise correctly. I recommend two programs that will teach you these principles and will help you meet your body fat goals. They are The Truth About Abs and No-Nonsense 6 Pack. They are both great programs so pick the one that looks the most interesting to you, order it today, and get started cutting down your body fat.

For more information about eating properly to lose fat, I also recommend The Fat Burning Kitchen. To monitor your progress, you should also consider getting a body fat scale.

Ready to take your six pack and fat loss goals to the next level? Don’t waste your time and money on programs and products that don’t work. Before you buy anything, make sure you check out my reviews so you can make an informed decision.

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Disclosure: Even though I earn commissions on products and services mentioned in my blog posts, I always give my honest opinion about those products and services.

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2 Responses to “Is It Possible To Be Skinny And Fat At The Same Time?”

  1. I think your argument would appeal to women more if you mentioned the affect strength training would have on their measurements. Women are completely caught up in their size. Weight is the most common number that women focus on, but measurements/clothing size is a close second. If you tell a woman that she could lose inches, you’d be more likely to interest her than if you told her she could knock a few % points off her BMI. Unfortunately, health is not always the number one concern for a woman who is trying to get thinner. Just a thought from a woman’s mind.

  2. Thanks Viv. I do what I can, but I since I’m a man I’m afraid my perspective on women will most likely always be a little off. I appreciate the advice though.

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