Before & After

Everybody loves a good success story.  People like to tell them because when you discover something great, you want the whole world to know; and people like to read them because they provide us with much needed motivation and the realization that our goals and dreams are obtainable.  For this reason, I have dedicated this part of the site to before and after pictures and success stories.  If you would like your pictures and story to be featured on the site, please let me know.  Just email me some details about your transformation and I will respond with instructions on how to send me your pictures.  Some things to consider including would be:

  • what program you followed
  • how long the transformation took
  • pounds/inches/body fat % gained or lost
  • what motivated you to start/stick with your program
  • how you feel now compared with how you felt before
  • how do people react to your change
  • anything else you think would be helpful and motivational for others to read
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