Female Abs

I hesitated to create a category specifically for women because I truly believe that fitness advice applies equally to women and men. That being said, I realize that there are differences between women and men and some things I write about may be more geared toward women. This is where you will find those posts.

Most of the differences that I will draw between women and men will most likely be psychological as opposed to physiological. I know that women and men, for the most part, have different goals for their bodies. For example, the average woman does not want her abs to look like a man’s abs, but she wouldn’t mind having some nice tone to her abs. These are the kinds of things I will try to focus on here.

Clean Your Way To A Flat Stomach

We all have our excuses that keep us from losing weight and getting six pack abs, but sometimes the excuses are legitimate. Sometimes the necessities of life take up so much time that you just can’t make it to the gym. This is especially true for those of you who are stay-at-home parents with little [...]

Are You Obsessed With Counting Calories?

So many people are obsessed with counting calories, and I understand why that is. If you are trying to lose weight and get a six pack, you may think you have to be obsessed. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not really necessary. It’s fine to pay attention to your calorie intake, but don’t [...]

Tone Your Legs And Butt With A New Pair Of Reeboks

You’ve heard people say, “sex sells.” I suppose it’s true, but it’s still surprising when I see it used on products that seem to be as far removed from anything sexual as possible. This was the case last night while I was watching TV. All of a sudden, I find myself watching a commercial with [...]

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