Muscle Building

Building muscle is the best way to burn fat and look great. Once you learn how to do it, and learn to love it, you will realize that you have unlocked the secret to easily staying in shape for the rest of your life. Articles in this section are dedicated to learning how to effectively build and maintain muscle mass.

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss – One Is Your Friend And One Is Your Enemy

As I write various articles about weight loss, a little red flag pops up in the back of my mind whenever I use the words “weight loss.” Most of the time, I try to catch myself and change my wording to use “fat loss” instead. So what’s the big deal? Why am I getting caught [...]

Maximize Your Muscle Is Now Open

If you have read my last several posts, then you know all about Vince DelMonte’s Maximize Your Muscle program. If you missed these posts, you can read them here, here, and here. As I said yesterday, today is the big opening day for Vince’s program. The link is finally live and you can go check [...]

Maximize Your Muscle Opens Tomorrow

UPDATE 31 Aug 2010: Maximize Your Muscle is now open. Click here to check it out.

I’ve been telling you about Maximize Your Muscle for the last several days and now it’s about to be reopened.
Tomorrow is the big day!
Remember, the program will only be open for three days, no exceptions. Once the doors close on [...]

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